Di.Ma - Centro Difesa Marchi e Brevetti (Di.Ma - centre for the protection of National and International brands and patents) was founded on 19 December 1958 by Giandomenico Anastasia, Officer of the Italian Carabinieri, former assistant of the then Colonel Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa.

The Institute was created prevalently to satisfy the needs for inquiries and checks to fight the phenomenon of counterfeit industrial products and counterfeit brands and models to contrast the aspects of fraud in trade.

In approximately 40 years of activity, Di.Ma, including its collaborators, (at present there are 11), has concluded over 10,000 investigations, of a penal and civil nature, against persons involved in counterfeiting trade-marks and industrial products, and fraud in trading activities, in Italy and abroad, also bearing witness in front of the Judges in over 9,000 cases.